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Teamwork makes the dream work.


This quote has been around for a few years and Churches have been using this quote to help get people connected within certain ministries within their Church and it has done well. But sometimes having the right people with the right skills isn’t always possible and therefore puts extra pressure on leadership and volunteers. The lack of skilled people, or those willing to take on tasks, is quite a common thing across Australia, hence that is why I began Church Support Australia and you can have your own Pastors Virtual Dream Team

Moving forward in freeing up time in 2023

Pastors have taken on virtual teams to help take the pressure off, so they can concentrate on what God has called them to do. Just like Google does with their staff members, your “team” works from a virtual location (home office) and is available, waiting for the next task to come in. When the task is received, the digital timer goes on, so you are only charged for the time it takes for the task to be completed.

What does this look like?

Your Virtual team can be as big or as small as you would like. You can have various people, each with their own giftings, within your virtual team.

If you currently use an app/platform to communicate with your current team (eg Slack, Google Chat, etc), add your Virtual helper to the team or simply send emails to communicate.

Here are some examples of virtual team members:-


No longer do you need to do those tedious tasks as you can delegate them all to one assistant.

Church Support Australia
Church Support Australia


A very experienced Church-skilled BookKeeper gets the best from the Church Finances (including Fringe Benefits for Pastors).

<- Church Finance Central offers Church Bookkeeping.

There are many Pastors of different backgrounds, ages, denominations, and locations that use a virtual team member. Sometimes it’s just for that one-off confidential document or a check of the finance records. Reach out to find out how you can have someone help take some tasks off you, from this year on.

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