From about the 1990’s Karen Stuckey assisted friends in Church planting and researching for Pastors of Churches, as well as having many leadership and admin roles, she gained lots of wisdom in serving in the local Church in Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Healing Ministry, Playgroups, Chaplaincy, etc. Out of this birthed Church Support Australia, where Karen saw the lack of resources and gifted people available to serve in rural Churches. From here Karen provides much online, as well as onsite, support to various Churches, Ministries, and Leaders across our nation, Australia.

Much of Karen’s time is voluntary, as her passion for the Church and protecting Pastors has her heart focused on serving and helping them be the best they can be. She is known as the source of information. Karen keeps her finger on the pulse in what is happening in Churches around the world and also what is happening with technology. She has processes and resources that she shares, to help the Church meet high standards using free or cheaper options to get the same high results.

Church Support Australia founder Karen Stuckey

You may have come across Karen Stuckey’s name on social media. Karen started the Aussie Christians on Facebook group back in 2011, mainly for those who were home-bound, didn’t go to Church, or couldn’t go to Church, to glean off others who were strong in the faith. Currently, that group of pure Aussie Christians has grown to over 8000 members. She also began the Aussie Christian Prayer Warriors, which is a prayer group, and Aussie Christian jobs, both on Facebook. Karen’s Church Support Australia pages, yes there are 2, get lots of attention and that is mainly from the anti-Christians messaging her or reporting her Facebook page, which results in it being pulled down by Facebook or Facebook add restrictions, as they have now, in not allowing her to change, merge or edit some settings. Still, she pushes through without worry. With eyes fixed on God, she keeps serving this country in supporting Christians and Churches.

On the 16th of July 2023, Karen humbly received the title of Pastor of Administration. This was confirmed by a prophet.

Gavin and Karen Stuckey
Karen is married to Gavin Stuckey and they have 3 beautiful children, 2 in-loves and 2 grandchildren. They are currently based in South Australia.