Advertising can be done quite cheaply and easily, especially with the modern technology that we have these day.

Most Churches qualify for a GoogleAds for Non-profits grant which are adverts on the internet, which can help spread the word about your Church or special event. For more information on Google Ads, jump over to Steve Foggs website article on “Why Your Church Should Apply for a Google Grant”.

Facebook Events are a great way of spreading the word. People (non-Christians and Christians)who are bored search Facebook Events in general, to see what events are near them. or what’s happening at their Church. Put as much detail as you can in the event and encourage your team/members to share the event on their Facebook pages and invite their friends. Facebook Ticketing is an option available, if you need a ticketing system.

Many Churches have found that they have attracted many people who are new to living in Australia. Some people who come across LOVE Selfies and having a photographic wall/stand available at Church (with details about the service on or an event coming up), will spread the word about your Church on their social pages. Have an outside photobooth background, as a mural or local attraction, is a way tourists and locals can take images and check-in or tag your Church, which is another way of spreading the word about your Church.

Church websites are the face of the Church. Make it friendly and inviting to the visitors (who are your main website audience) who drop by.

Give out marketing material to your members or leave on the bulletin board at the shops, with your Churches printed details on. You never know who’s hands they will fall in to. In fact, pray over these items before they leave the Church, that these items will fall into the hands of those who need to hear the Gospel or need a friend to talk to.

Posters in shop windows work in Country areas. Some urban places may let you add a poster in the window. Test it out in your area and see what result you get.


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