AGM/Church Board

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Church Governance

AGM Annual report content can vary, including showcasing Church departments, but common content can include: General information about the Church mission and main roles, why and when it was formed and the rules it is subject to A report from the CEO or Senior Pastor A summary of key activities and their results Future plans Reports and statements detailing the financial status of the Church Most Churches have their accounts audited every year. The auditor will produce a financial statement…
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Church Board

Finding Board Members Read this great suggestion here on the Community Directors website. Read thoroughly and regularly the Rules, bylaws, constitution, statutes before you agree to join a board. role of board members The Not-for-profit Law fact sheet on the role of board members has been prepared to assist board members in understanding their legal roles and they can effectively run Church in a positive way. The download covers: role of a board member legal obligations of board members personal…
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Effective church boards have people who have a passion for the Church and for God. The board is like the backbone of the Church and have a huge financial and legal responsibility.
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