Babies and Toddlers at Church

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Newborns are a precious addition to the Church.

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Organise a meal train for the family from members of the Church. Use the website to help schedule meals and be alert of any allergies etc.

Parents Room

Having a space where mum and dad can feel free to look after their Child in various ways, is essential and encourages them to come to Church.
Meeting with people with the same interests in the same space, helps builds relationships and knowledge.

These spaces have a variety of names, as you can see from our list here. We have a few photos of these rooms pinned in our Pinterest page (link below) that can help you in designing your space. In these rooms you can provide written materials, treats, samples, beverages and more, from many companies who offer these services. Provide the safest equipment for changing, feeding and playing. Set the boundaries from day one as to if you want the room to be a part of the service or somewhere where parents can mingle.

Church Support Australia
Church Support Australia


A tradition in the Church is a dedication service or baptism service for newborns. With this, the family may receive gifts and certificates. We have some template dedication certificates if needed in our download section.

Parents with young kids love connecting with other parents with young kids. Churches can provide places of connecting by running various programs that parents and even grandparents (who care for their Grand kids while the parents work) can attend.

families with newborns and toddlers

With many years experience in Kids Ministry, we found that there were many community grants and various other grants available to help with kids socialisation, community engagement, family stabilisation etc. Grants can be used to run various programs within the community, including parenting courses.

  • Playgroups
  • Newborn classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Parents of newborns group
  • Prem baby group
  • Special needs group
  • Single parents group

Give the parents welcome packs containing parenting tips, booklet of play ideas, helpline numbers, Church services invites, facilities for kids on Sundays, plus get hold of some sample products to pop in their as well.

Make sure you have the appropriate forms for attendance and insurance cover for running these events in your Church.

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