Church Baptism

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Baptism is an important step in the Christian faith. It’s a reason to party. Providing the right information to explain all the information about baptism is vital, so people know the reason why we baptise.

A great idea is to run information sessions or baptismal classes so people really understand about baptism. There are many resources online to help you do this. Life.Church are sharing their resources to help baptism events to be meaningful and organized. You’ll find a variety of guides to coordinate baptism events as a good example to use. Find the kit, samples and editable files here.

It’s nice to receive a certificate when you get baptised and it helps people remember the occasion.  We have some traditional and contemporary certificates available for download in our template section here.


Have a list of what each person needs to bring to a baptism and information on what to expect on the day.   Clothing for baptisms are best if supplied.  Baptism Shirts are a safe to hand out as gifts to those who are being baptised, as they can be made very modestly.  Find templates for shirts on our Clothing page.

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