Celebrating Significant Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries

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Celebrating a significant birthday or wedding anniversary is a great milestone and when members of our Church families reach these milestones, they deserve a great celebration and that’s what our Government thinks as well.

When someone reaches one of these milestones, organise a congratulatory message, that can be delivered directly to the recipient or to a care-of address, such as your Church and present this as part of a public celebration.

Church Support Australia
Reference https://www.dpc.sa.gov.au/responsibilities/state-protocols-acknowledgements/wedding-anniversary-and-birthday-congratulatory-messages

Depending on the occasion, you may need to provide evidence, such as:

  • a copy of their birth certificate (for a birthday)
  • a copy of their driver’s licence (for a birthday)
  • a copy of their passport (for a birthday)
  • a copy of their marriage certificate (for a wedding anniversary)

Head to the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in the State or Territory the recipient lives in, to apply. Each State/Territory organise these in different ways, so you may need to apply with one department or a few departments to gain all the congratulatory messages.

Other links:-

Prime Minister, Governer General and Her Majesty The Queen Messages – https://www.pmc.gov.au/government/anniversary-messages

Governer General Message – https://www.gg.gov.au/about-governor-general/receiving-congratulatory-message-governor-general


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