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Finding Board Members

Read this great suggestion here on the Community Directors website.

Read thoroughly and regularly the Rules, bylaws, constitution, statutes
before you agree to join a board.

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role of board members

The Not-for-profit Law fact sheet on the role of board members has been prepared to assist board members in understanding their legal roles and they can effectively run Church in a positive way. The download covers:

  • role of a board member
  • legal obligations of board members
  • personal liability of board members, and
  • what board members should know about their organisation.

Download Position info from here.

Treasurers role description is available here.

CEO/Senior Pastor and board relationship guidelines can be found here.

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The agenda is a list of things that will be discussed during the board meeting, which can also provide supporting information (explanations, related documents, etc.), as well as details about who will address each item, recommendations for action and how much time each item is expected to take up. The agenda along with the previous minutes are usually emailed to board members well in advance of the meeting to ensure everyone has a chance to read before the meeting starts.

Included in the agenda:-

  • A copy of the minutes of the last meeting
  • A CEO/Pastor’s report
  • A financial report
  • Committee reports
  • General business, i.e. general items for discussion or action during that meeting. Each item is numbered separately and the agenda should include a summary of the issue and relevant supporting documents. Sometimes these items will be accompanied by a recommendation for action.
  • An opportunity of “other or urgent business”, which include things not on the agenda that cannot wait until the next meeting.
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Meeting Minutes

The minutes are the official record of the actions and decisions of the board. They are taken every meeting and approved the next time the board meets. Generally, meeting minutes will include:

  • The date and time of the meeting (including start and finishing times).
  • Attendees, absences, apologies, and noting when people have left and re-entered the meeting.
  • A summary of the main points made during the discussion of each item.
  • The result of each item discussed decisions made or deferred.

The minutes may be referred to as the official record days and weeks and even years after a decision has been made. They should therefore not be treated lightly.

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The Not-for-Profit Governance Principles

Framework for principles can be downloaded from here.

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Risk Management

Setting up risk management policies and procedures guidelines for boards to have in place, can be found here.

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