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Hospitality service and presentation should be set at a high standard, according to Health & Safety standards. You want to present well but not go over budget and with great shops like Kmart, Ikea and Aldi, your hospitality department can look like a million dollars.
To build a new Kitchen or Cafe grab the guidelines, Government rules and regulations from your local council. Contact experts to send you catalogues etc. Browse through and see what suits your space. I always hype on this….DO SOME RR!

RR in my book is Research Reviews. Never buy anything without reading what other people are saying. Not just those who are ‘paid’ to write good reports but those that everyday people have written reviews on.”

Karen Stuckey

Start with a theme and colours. Then have HEAPS of patience while you wait for items to go on sale or pop up in store and you will be able to fit the pieces together like a puzzle. Have a team of friends that can help you keep an eye out. Actually, if you design your kitchen/cafe with a team, you can end up with some fantastic ideas.

Church Support Australia

Checklists and forms like these, are available from your insurance agency.

Run a certified coffee making course so people in your Church can get another qualification while enhancing their serving skills for Church. You will notice if people bring their own coffee or buy their coffee from outside of the Church cafe, that something needs to be looked out. Get on the Australian International Coffee awards here so you can see what are some of the best tasting coffees in Australia. Buy your machine outright, get your coffee and buy double-walled cups from the cheapest supplier near you. If you want to get cups with messages/logo on, buy in bulk. Our favourite hot chocolate treat is here.

The hospitality team needs to have training so they are all on the same page in running the cafe. Make roles obvious to all, along with rostering, oh&s (which they can train online in food safety with some local councils) and policies & procedures.


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