Church Directory

Remember those good old days when every member in the Church had a phone directory with all the members in the Church listed.

Unfortunately we have to be very wise in doing this method anymore. With Social Media and Email it has made it easier to contact members of the Church.

Some Pastors like to keep in contact with everyone, so here’s a form where they can do that PLUS have a photo consent paragraph added into the form.

Church Directory

Text of sample below


Church Directory Form

Please fill out the form below, giving us the contact
information that you would like us to have. The information
you provide will be used for our church directory and newsletter when required.

The information you provide will allow us and other Church members, to contact you as needed.

Please complete the information below that you would like to have in the church directory.

Spouse’s Name 
Mailing Address

Physical Address

Phone Number Mobile Phone E-mail Address Website Address Your Birthday Spouse’s Birthday Children’s Name(s) & Birthdays

May we put the above information in the church directory that will be accessed by Pastors and Senior Leaders ONLY? Yes ______ No _____

If we acquire any photographs from church events with you or your family members, may we have your permission to publish them to our Website and/or Social Media? Yes________ No _______
Thank you


To add inside Directory.

“The Church directory is for the private use of the Pastors and Senior Leaders ONLY of CHURCH NAME and is not for commercial business use.
Thank you for respecting our members and friends privacy.”

If your congregation still wants a Church Directory, with the wisdom of Church Leaders, you could send out something like this:-
Church Contact Directory

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