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Accounting Software Discounts for Churches

Churches are classed as Not for Profits with many companies. Here are some companies that offer discounts to Churches.

Church Support Australia

Church Support Australia


Church Budget template can be downloaded from

Hire an accountant

Why? Covid-19 showed many Churches missed out on the Governments financial benefits as they weren’t doing the Church Finances and Wages right. In fact, Churches were missing out on many perks in prior years, for not making the most of benefits they can get.

Benkorp offer so much advice and help your Church come out on top financially.

Church Support Australia

Are you a charity?

Most Churches have and are registered as a charity. Some Churches are confused and don’t know if they come under this category. Here is some more information about the charity status.

What is a charity?–access-to-tax-concessions/

Who can register?

Apply for charity status?

Church Support Australia

Church Support Australia

Finance Teaching

Many Churches have partnered with Christians against poverty (CAP) to help people in their Churches become debt free. Find out more information in how your Church can help people become debt free by visiting

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