Church Safe and secure Practices

Insurance companies specialising in Churches:-

Templates below are examples ONLY and will need to be adjusted to fit your church regulations.

Emergency Procedures

It’s a good idea to have EMERGENCY PROCEDURES in place, so staff know what to do in times of emergency.

A 9 page template of Emergency Procedures in Microsoft Word is available here :- emergency procedures

Use of Facilities Policy

Download this 7 page word document of policies for anyone wanting to use the Church Facilities from here.


Many councils run a certificate course in Food Handling, either in person or online.

Posters for food areas are found at:-

Place a co-ordinator in charge of looking after stock and supplies within the kitchen, including hair nets, gloves and aprons etc, to help run the kitchen at a high standard. Have training available and a procedures manual available, so this can be referred to in times of need.


Hazards can be around the Church and when you’ve been at that particular Church for awhile, you may not notice some of them. It’s always a great idea of having a team to go with you when inspecting the property. Include someone from outside the Church, as a pair of fresh eyes may see things regular Church members don’t.

Here’s a word template form to help your recording.

Hazard Identification Form


Here’s a draft of a Maintenance Checklist that you can adapt for your Church.

2 pages

Word Document

Maintenance Checklist

Risk Management

Yearly reviews of the Church building is a great thing to do, especially when you take a fresh pair of eyes with you who can see things that you miss.  By doing these reports, it helps the Church be one step ahead of the hazards and keeps that momentum moving of keeping ahead and on top of issues.
Download an example template from here.


Who has a key? Use this form to keep track.
Key Sign Out

Church Contents Register

Keep track of Church Contents.
Church Contents Register

Church Contents Inventory

Here you’ll find a sample of a Church Contents Inventory form, that you can record the estimates and file with your insurance company. Some insurance companies have their own form for Churches that you can use. It’s important to store a copy of this form off the Church property, for security. The Microsoft Word document can be downloaded from here – Church Contents Inventory


Thank you to Tyco Integrated Fire and Security for allowing us to share this fire extinguisher chart. It’s important to train staff and volunteers constantly in how to use fire equipment and practice fire drills.

More information and source of this photo is from

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