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Church Governance

AGM Annual report content can vary, including showcasing Church departments, but common content can include: General information about the Church mission and main roles, why and when it was formed and the rules it is subject to A report from the CEO or Senior Pastor A summary of key activities and their results Future plans Reports and statements detailing the financial status of the Church Most Churches have their accounts audited every year. The auditor will produce a financial statement…
calendar Calendar Dates for Social Media Calendar Dates for Social Media

Calendar Dates for Social Media

Calendar dates to help you plan your events and social media schedule January January 1: New Years Day January 4: National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay (USA) January 15: National Hat Day #NationalHatDay (USA) January 15: National Bagel Day #NationalBagelDay (USA) January 17: Ditch Your Resolution Day #DitchYourResolutionDay January 25: Opposite Day #OppositeDAy January 26: Australia Day #AustraliaDay Blue Monday: Third Monday of January February February 8: Safer Internet Day February 9: National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay February 11: International Day of Women…
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Sermon and Teaching Resources

Newspring Network – Life.Church – Share Church – Free Church Media –
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Church Audio

Audio – Free Church Media Drop – Seeds – Resource the Church – Small Church Music – Worship Start – Audio – paid Creationswap – One Church Resource – Highway Media – Worship Start – Podcasting Anchor – Easy podcasting Resource Chart Website Address Sheet Music Chord Charts Tracks Presentation Files Paid Free Discover Worship X X X X X Hymn Charts X X X X Lifeway…
Slack Using Slack at Church Using Slack at Church

Using Slack at Church

Slack brings together people, chat, applications and data. From project kickoffs to budget discussions, and everything in between — Slack has you covered. Sharing Church information and events Individual, team, and all staff group chats Discussions focused on specific topics Pricing:- What is Slack? How to use Slack Example of using Slack in Church Help Slack help documents are available here. Download Download Slack for Android Download Slack for Apple Download Slack for Windows Download Slack for Mac

Zoom for churches

Zoom is a video communications tool for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.  Zoom is perfect for online Team meetings, online fellowship/training/prayer meetings and webinars. ADD INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHURCHES TO GIVE MEMBERS – NO COSTING. What is Zoom? Get Started Download Zoom from the website from here and sign up. Once you get into Zoom, you will see how easy it is. Basically, it is click, click, click—no need for extensive reading or having…
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Church Apps

wEBSITE AND/or APP V interact – A platform that manages everything from the one place. VInteract has been designed, created and is managed, right here in South Australia, for all Australian Churches. This platform will manage your Church Website, your Church App, your Church Social Media platforms, PLUS MORE! They are continually moving forward with their design and technology, so you know your website will never be left behind. Check out their website, fill in the contact card and let…
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Church Photos and Graphics

platforms/software to create images– FREE FOR CHURCHES Churches and Not-For-Profits who are registered Charities can access these software platforms for free. Proof of identity and charity is needed on sign up and away you go! Adobe – Adobe offers nonprofit pricing discounts in their VIP (Value Incentive Plan) and TLP (Transactional Licensing Program) programs globally. Find information and apply here Canva – Empower your team to create high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials. Canva offers its premium version…
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Communicating is a need and we need to know how to communicate with each person within the Church.
Untitled design 32 Discounts and freebies for Churches Discounts and freebies for Churches

Discounts and freebies for Churches

Bonus discounts and Freebies for available for Churches and Not For Profit’s across Australia. Apply easily online and use platforms such as Canva, Facebook Workplace, Xero, Mailchimp and more.
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