Cost Cutting for Churches

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So you have just had your AGM (if you still have them) and you noticed that your Church really needs to cut down on costs. Here are my tips on cost cutting for Churches:-

~ Mobile phones buy them outright and use cheaper mobile plans like Kogan, Aldi or Coles.
~ Always research products/equipment before purchasing, so you know what you’re buying is the best and it is most likely to last longer.
~ Research and get the best internet and phone deal. Big companies don’t always give you the best deals.
~ Use social media platforms for advertising. Have people share your events and posts, to help spread the word around the community. Tag or placing your location in your posts on Instagram and using Facebook events (many people search events near them).
~ Don’t sign up for image licences. You can get heaps of free images from Pixabay and Unsplash. which are of great quality.
~ Stream your service for free using the Church Online Platform, Facebook and/or YouTube Live (make sure you have a CCLI Streaming Licence and CCLI Copyright Licence).
~ Use Google for Non For Profits for Gmail emails, YouTube, documents, calendar, online meetings etc. You may even qualify for Google Ads Grant.
~ Shop around for supplies eg copy paper, communion cups etc.
~ Car leasing may work for you.
~ Buy a coffee machine instead of going to the coffee shop.
~ Check your insurance, that you’re not over insured and shop around for quotes.
~ If your cafe/bookshop etc isn’t making money, then review whether you really need this.
~ Use free Kids Ministry curriculum that you can find in many places on the internet or create your own.
~ Check the electricity usage of all your lights and electrical items and see if you can run them cheaper. Eg cheaper light bulbs, use timers. Maybe solar power would be a benefit for your Church.
~ Insulate the building.
~ Buy software outright and not under subscriptions (yes you can do this for most programs and they do hide this option but you have to know where to look, as they make more money from you using subscriptions).
~ Invest in a great printer and print your own material.
~ Rent out unused space. I’ve seen Churches rent a office, desk or even space in their cafe during the week, to people who need the internet/space for work/studying.
~ Use Church Platforms and Management software that are based in Australia so you get charged in Australian money and not nearly double in overseas fund prices. Eg Pastoral Care and V Interact.

Check out our Bonuses for Churches and Not For Profit page for bargains!

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