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email management

  • SENDER – Great for emails and subscriptions! Creative templates to choose from. Add a Subscription pop up box to your website. Form templates and more.
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  • SEND IN BLUE – Another email management platform is Send In Blue because it is much cheaper than other competitors and very simple to use. When you first join, you have to authorise your account by adding contacts, doing a template and sending the email. I would suggest only add a few staff contacts, let them know you’re doing a test and then send those emails to them. Once you get past that stage, it’s all good and operational, so you can send your campaigns. Now if you have over 300 emails to send out and you don’t want to sign up to the packages, upload your contacts in 3 or 4 separate groups, eg A-F in one lot, then G-M next etc. They will be in separate folders within the contact list on Send In Blue. Each day, send the email but tick the folder for only contacts A-F. Then the next day, send it again but with the G-M contacts etc.
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