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Annual report content can vary, including showcasing Church departments, but common content can include:

  • General information about the Church mission and main roles, why and when it was formed and the rules it is subject to
  • A report from the CEO or Senior Pastor
  • A summary of key activities and their results
  • Future plans
  • Reports and statements detailing the financial status of the Church

Most Churches have their accounts audited every year. The auditor will produce a financial statement showing income and expenditure and a balance sheet showing the assets and liabilities.

Legal requirements for Churches having AGM’s are clearly listed here. It states the how, what, where, when etc.

Instructions for doing an AGM online can be found here.

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Changing Church Name

The process for changing a name can be found here.

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Rules, Amendments and Accessing the constitution guidelines can be found here

Items might cover:

  • The Church name and purpose
  • Definitions clearly stated
  • Membership procedures
  • How the governance structure must be set up
  • The governing board’s power boundaries
  • Responsibilities of each office holders (secretary, president/chair/ceo, treasurer, etc.)
  • Meeting procedures (voting rules, minute-taking etc.)
  • The number of members the board must have and how many should be at a meeting to qualify having a meeting
  • Maximum lengths for board member terms
  • How often the board must meet
  • Procedures for dealing with a tied vote
  • How and under what circumstances a special meeting can be held
  • Minimum attendance requirements for members
  • Any restrictions on who can serve as a board member
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Financial Budget and Plan

Budgets show expenses and income at the end of the current financial year and show an educated guess for what will be spent and received in the following year. They help board members with financial decisions for the following year.

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Financial procedures manual

Financial procedures manual, which outlines financial processes and systems, the responsibilities for administrative tasks, authorization limits and procedures, and descriptions for how functions such as paying bills, depositing cash and transferring money between funds are handled.

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Governance Principles

Find information here.

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Incorporation Instructions

To become an incorporated Church, find the procedure links here.

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Policies to have in place

  • Board Mission and vision – detailing the purpose and directions of the board and what it hopes to achieve.
  • Ethics/conduct policy – designed to set expectations for and guide the behaviour of board members, including disciplinary measures for non-compliance.
  • Conflict of interest policy – designed to provide guidelines for identifying and dealing with potential or real conflicts of interest.
  • Grievance policy – outlining procedures for dealing with complaints.
  • Email Policy – outlining how and under what circumstances email can be used for official board business.
  • Self-evaluation policy – detailing performance standards for the board and outlining measures for ensuring evaluation and improvement of performance.
  • Board-staff relationship policy – outlining the various responsibilities of board and staff members.
  • Volunteer policy – outlining how and under what circumstances volunteers can be recruited and their place within the organisation.
  • Financial management practices – detailing minimum standards and practices for management and reporting of finances.
  • Accountability policy – outlining standards for reporting of board information and to whom the board will be accountable.
  • Privacy policy
  • Social Media policy
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Risk Management procedures to have in place

  • The risk management procedures folder the church has in place.
  • The risk management policies it has put in place and risks have been identified.
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Starting a Church

What you need, can be found here.

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Winding up a Church

Find details here.

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