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Photo of Stephen Abraham Stephen Abraham Pastor
Photo of Dave Adamson Dave Adamson
Photo of Graham Beattie Graham Beattie Rev Dr
Photo of Brian Birkett Brian Birkett Reverend Doctor
Photo of Jodie Cooper Jodie Cooper Mrs
Photo of Conrad Daniel Conrad Daniel
Photo of Garry and Leanne Day Garry and Leanne Day Worship Leaders/Singers/Musician
Photo of John & Angie Edelmann John & Angie Edelmann Founders & Directors Kingdom Works Int.
Photo of Carl John Fechner Carl John Fechner Mr
Photo of Sylvia Fraser Sylvia Fraser
Photo of Jason Golden Jason Golden Evangelist
Photo of Jess and Daniel Hammond Jess and Daniel Hammond Worship Leaders
Photo of Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris Church and Community Relations
Photo of Jason Harrison Jason Harrison
Photo of Jose Henry Jose Henry Senior Pastor
Photo of Krystyna Kidson Krystyna Kidson
Photo of Bruce Kurtzer Bruce Kurtzer
Photo of Enoch Lavender Enoch Lavender Ps
Photo of Ken Legg Ken Legg Senior Pastor
Photo of Nathanial Leigh Nathanial Leigh
Photo of Tim Lunnon Tim Lunnon Senior Pastor
Photo of Fernando Jorge Magalhães Fernando Jorge Magalhães
Photo of Sarah-Jane Meeson Sarah-Jane Meeson
Photo of Adam Mihail Adam Mihail Pastor
Photo of Brett and Terrisa Murray Brett and Terrisa Murray
Photo of Grant Norsworthy Grant Norsworthy
Photo of David and Rosanna Palmer David and Rosanna Palmer
Photo of Chrissie Pearce Chrissie Pearce Worship Pastor
Photo of Matt Prater Matt Prater Senior Pastor, Radio Announcer
Photo of Nathan Ranclaud Nathan Ranclaud Comedian and Baptist Pastor
Photo of Grant Robertson Grant Robertson Pastor
Photo of Justin Robinson Justin Robinson Pastor
Photo of Brett and Kate Ryan Brett and Kate Ryan CEO
Photo of Sheena Ryan Sheena Ryan Pastor
Photo of Mandy Scott Mandy Scott
Photo of Geoff & Chrissie Snowden Geoff & Chrissie Snowden
Photo of Diane Spicer Diane Spicer
Photo of Alan Strudwick Alan Strudwick
Photo of Ken van Eeden Ken van Eeden Pastor
Photo of Peter & Kathryn Yaxley Peter & Kathryn Yaxley
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