Ministry Directory

Ministry Directory

Photo of Stephen Abraham Stephen Abraham Pastor

In the midst of a vibrant ministry as a church planter, school pastor and recording artist, Stephen’s world was turned upside down due to permanent spinal injury. As he and his family wrestled with “finding a new normal”, Stephen found solace in the book of Job and it’s lessons on living with hardship. In coming to terms with his disablement, Stephen (now retired and largely house-bound) found a new ministry; writing music, personal songs and worship songs from his bedroom.…

Photo of Dave Adamson Dave Adamson

Dave Adamson is an Australian pastor, photographer, author, content creator, and YouTuber, living in Atlanta and serving as the Social Media Pastor at Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries.

After spending eight years as a national TV reporter for Channel Ten’s Sports Tonight, Dave moved his family to the US in 2008 to go into full-time ministry.…

Photo of Graham Beattie Graham Beattie Rev Dr

Retired local church pastor with 17 years pastoral experience leading and growing congregations. Also 16 years as denominational consultant and leadership coach before launching my own coaching and consultant ministry in 2008.

Photo of Brian Birkett Brian Birkett Reverend Doctor

Brian has extensive experience in ministry, education and global missions (specialising in Asia). With over 16 years pastoral experience, 14 years as a secondary teacher and over 15 years global missions experience, Brian can contribute fabulously to many areas. His most recent appointment was Dean of Faculty with Harvest Bible College where he taught Masters and other Higher Ed, led 56 lecturers and online tutors, oversaw 300 + students and co-ordinated the cutting edge online program.…

Photo of Jodie Cooper Jodie Cooper Mrs

Jodie Cooper is an incredible sinner saved by a more incredible God. After years of painful misunderstandings about the Christian life, a crisis in her marriage finally led her to understand the gospel and it’s power to change lives. She now produces kid’s books with resources to help parents connect faith to the daily lives of their families, and her YouTube channel, the Gospel Led family provides biblical encouragement for parents on their family discipleship journey.…

Photo of Conrad Daniel Conrad Daniel

We (Conrad and Wendy) come from Sri Lanka, country known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Our Life has been adventures and miraculous divine experiences. During the past years, we have assisted many Christian ministries, in Sri Lanka, Zambia and now in Australia.
In obedience to the call of God, during the year 1993 we initiated “Faith Fund” to pioneer many Christian programs, such as, Church Planting, Helping Orphanages, Promoting Evangelism, Bible Printing, assisting Missionaries etc.…

Photo of Garry and Leanne Day Garry and Leanne Day Worship Leaders/Singers/Musician

We are traveling worship leaders/singers/musicians whose greatest desire is to lead people to worship in Spirit and in truth. Email us for a link to a small introductory video that tells you about who we are and what we do, with some samples of songs we do.

Photo of John & Angie Edelmann John & Angie Edelmann Founders & Directors Kingdom Works Int.

Kingdom Works International is a name chosen by the Lord. When seeking a ministry name the Lord said, it will be called Kingdom Works International (KWI). John asked the Lord, why KWI and He replied, because the Kingdom Works and it is International. Well that is good enough for us. KWI is a non-profit organisation, with one purpose taking the gospel to the Nations.…

Photo of Carl John Fechner Carl John Fechner Mr

Carl is a follower of Jesus Christ, Life Coach and Co-author and publisher of the Growing Deep and Strong Series, and intentional discipleship and Leadership program that takes a person from a pagan background to a small group leaders discipling others in 12 months or less. His life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people who will become leaders and disciplers of others.…

Photo of Sylvia Fraser Sylvia Fraser

Hi – I’m Sylvia Fraser

I am resident in Victoria, married with two children and two grandchildren. I hold a Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care and Counselling, a Diploma in Counselling and Family therapy which provide for me the insights needed to fulfill God’s calling to make ‘disciples’ and equip the saints to reach the broken.…

Photo of Jason Golden Jason Golden Evangelist

American Evangelist Jason Golden is the founder and leader of Maranatha Kingdom Ministries. He travels throughout Australia and around the world, preaching and teaching the end-time Word of God, with the prophetic anointing and miraculous demonstration of the Holy Spirit, preparing the Bride of Christ for King Jesus’ return & Kingdom reign on earth!


Photo of Jess and Daniel Hammond Jess and Daniel Hammond Worship Leaders

Jess and Daniel have always individually had a deep passion for musical worship and the power it can have to lead people into transformative encounters with God. They met in 1999 in Youth With a Mission when they were asked to lead worship together.

From here began a journey of pursuing God, leading worship and ministering in churches together.…

Photo of Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris Church and Community Relations

Currently working with Churches, Schools and Community groups to encourage people everywhere to open the Bible. Developing partnerships that lead to long lasting relationships with mission projects and recipients. Seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. The importance of Bible translations that are in the mother tongue of Indigenous people is of great importance, and a life long passion.…

Photo of Jason Harrison Jason Harrison

Jason is zealous for revival, transformation and reformation. Choosing to give his life to see the body come to maturity, and into the full stature and measure of Christ.In 2017, Jas

In 2017, Jason along with a small team pioneered ‘New Nature Church’ (an apostolic / 5 fold ministry hub), and established the ‘As He Is’ School.…

Photo of Jose Henry Jose Henry Senior Pastor

Pastor Jose Henry, Founder and Senior Pastor of City Revival Church, Melbourne was born in Kerala, India. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and saviour in 1993 and the following year, he dedicated his life for God’s ministry.

Ps Jose met his wife Lissy in Singapore and they migrated to Australia 13 years ago. They are blessed with 3 beautiful girls – Ann, Angeline and Andrea aged 12,10 & 8 respectively.…

Photo of Krystyna Kidson Krystyna Kidson

Krystyna is an experienced Christian psychologist and empowering, practical, engaging coach and speaker. As founder of the Paraclete Initiative, she comes alongside God’s people with explicitly God- honouring tools and strategies that help them throw off whatever hinders so they can be free to love and serve God and others more meaningfully, effectively and sustainably. In her general practice as The Psychologist Coach she helps faith sector, nonprofit and social enterprise leaders and organisations build resilience and emotional and spiritual health, so they can get on with the business of changing lives.…

Photo of Bruce Kurtzer Bruce Kurtzer

Bruce runs Adelaide’s biggest Christian food giveaway ministry, which includes ministry within churches of various denominations, ministry on the streets, car parks and more.
With over 20 years ministry experience from pastoring churches, planting churches, youth ministry, children’s ministry and more. Ministered throughout Australia and also in Africa and Los Angeles, on the streets, in churches, large groups, small groups and individual ministry.…

Photo of Enoch Lavender Enoch Lavender Ps

Enoch has been studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of our faith for the past ten years, and has a keen interest in the Middle East from a Bible prophecy perspective.
His specialised range of topics focus on sharing the background of our faith, linking it to being ready for the Lord’s return, and giving an understanding of current events from a prophetic perspective.…

Photo of Ken Legg Ken Legg Senior Pastor
  • Public speaking
  • Team leadership
  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Product creation
  • Radio programming
  • Over 40 years’ experience of pastoral leadership. Includes planting churches, building leadership teams, developing training programs, ensuring systems of care are in place, etc.
Photo of Nathanial Leigh Nathanial Leigh
(07) 5689 3767


Photo of Tim Lunnon Tim Lunnon Senior Pastor

Having been a Senior Leader of various churches over the last 20 years, my wife and I with my family moved to Bundaberg in late 2014 to begin praying into a church plant.

Restoration Centre started in 2016 and God has been so good through it all. With a father’s heart to equip people for ministry, we desire to see everyone know the depth of the Father’s love for them that brings healing, release, security and breakthrough.…

Photo of Fernando Jorge Magalhães Fernando Jorge Magalhães

Jorge’s apostolic calling is clearly displayed through his global vision, captivating teaching and prophetic ministry with practical biblical life-skills. An inspirational speaker, trainer and minister, with extensive intercultural missions experience around the world. Through LIONSROAR3:8 ministries, his passion and mission is to bring people to Jesus, reigniting, equipping and releasing Christlike disciples, both locally and globally.

Photo of Sarah-Jane Meeson Sarah-Jane Meeson

Founder of Christian Women in Business & The Automation girl – SJ’s is on a mission to build a platform that will help encourage, strengthen and unite women from all over the world. In The Automation Girl SJ helps business owners automate their marketing & sales systems. SJ is originally from the UK, has been living in Australia for 10 years and is married with no kids or fur babies.…

Photo of Adam Mihail Adam Mihail Pastor

Adam Mihail is the Associate Pastor at Follow Baptist Church in Officer, Victoria. Adam has been in ministry for over a decade, specialising in Youth and Young Adults groups, camping and speaking at special events.

Adam is a gifted communicator and captivates his listeners through stories that engage, encourage and inspire. Adam is passionate about people having fresh revelation about God and falling in love with Him over and over again.…

Photo of Brett and Terrisa Murray Brett and Terrisa Murray

Brett and Terrisa Travel Nationally and internationally and have a collective heart to build safe people and safe places. That God can make beauty from ashes. A powerful ministry couple who always look forward to serving the body of Christ.

Terrisa Murray is the Founder of SAFEHEART International and has recently won the 2019 Western Sydney Business Women Outstanding Community woman of the year.…

Photo of Grant Norsworthy Grant Norsworthy

Grant Norsworthy is not another singer who talks too much. He’s a speaker who sings songs.

An Aussie/US dual citizen – based in Nashville, TN from 2002 to 2018 – Grant achieved considerable success as a professional CCM musician – including a Grammy® nomination, a Dove Award, extensive touring, recording and radio hits with bands like PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and the “forefathers of the modern worship revival” Sonicflood.…

Photo of David and Rosanna Palmer David and Rosanna Palmer

David and Rosanna Palmer have been involved in Christian ministry since they met Jesus. They were professional musicians, travelling and performing in their band, Rosanna’s Raiders. In 1982, their band members and some of the road crew surrendered to Jesus. Since that time, the Palmers have been completely dedicated to loving and serving him in whatever way they can.…

Photo of Chrissie Pearce Chrissie Pearce Worship Pastor

Chrissie Pearce is the owner of Enter Worship, which was formed in 2018 to equip and inspire church worship teams to reach their full potential. Enter Worship’s four team members bring their various expertise and wide experience to bear on the most common issues facing church worship teams today in areas such as training and development, mentoringadministrationstage design, graphic design, production and technology.

Photo of Matt Prater Matt Prater Senior Pastor, Radio Announcer

Matt is married to Carol & has 3 children, Lydia, Joshua & Grace. Matt has previously served as a Youth Pastor at Coffs Baptist Church & Coffs C3 Church & has been Senior Pastor at New Hope Brisbane since 2006.

Matt also hosts a weekly radio show called “Historymakers” which now plays on over 730 radio stations around Australia & has released 2 books featuring interviews from Historymakers & has also hosted 2 series of Historymakers TV, now available on DVD.…

Photo of Nathan Ranclaud Nathan Ranclaud Comedian and Baptist Pastor

Nathan Ranclaud, known as Uncle Nath, is a Clean stand up from the city of Newcastle, Australia. Nath is a totally clean comedian who does Comedy with a message which is perfect for inviting the non-church community along too. Nath is a gifted Evangelist who uses Comedy to build bridges with non- Church audiences. Nath has been polishing his razor sharp stand up for years and he has played in pubs, clubs and churches.…

Photo of Grant Robertson Grant Robertson Pastor

Grant is available for visiting Churches all across Australia, even rural areas.

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Grant is a dynamic man of God that seeks Jesus with all his heart.
Not worried about man’s opinions but only what the Lord wants and is saying.
Moves in the Holy Spirit especially in prophecy, words of knowledge and healing.
Has a passion for the unsaved and the afflicted and a desire for them to be set free and in full relationship with Jesus.…

Photo of Justin Robinson Justin Robinson Pastor

Passionate and uncompromising speaker with a heart to see people walk in power and authority in Jesus name.

Photo of Brett and Kate Ryan Brett and Kate Ryan CEO

Brett was a Critical Care nurse for 15 years with majors in Accident and Emergency and Intensive Care. Then became a Children’s & Family Pastor at CityLife Church for 12 years. He became CEO of Focus in 2013.
Kate was a teacher for 25 years, in both primary and secondary school. Was a sports coordinator and specialised in gifted children and special needs.…

Photo of Sheena Ryan Sheena Ryan Pastor

Sheena is based in Australia and has a passionate heart to see people’s lives restored so that they can find their place of service in the Body of Christ and become a part of God’s end time army.

Sheena is an ordained pastor and prophet, qualified counselor and trained and experienced trainer, who has held staff pastor positions for fifteen years in Christian Outreach Centers, [now International Network of Churches.] She has a Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of counseling, and a certificate in workplace training.…

Photo of Mandy Scott Mandy Scott

Mandy Scott is a Teacher, Equipper and Author. Who is the founder and leader of a faith ministry called Prayer That Makes A Difference.

This ministries purpose is to equip and build up the body of Christ through specifically designed and tailored teaching. She encourages and equips prayers, intercessors, prayer warriors, and prophetic intercessors, church prayer teams and leaders, facilitating conferences, seminars, workshops and leading of a National prayer network.…

Photo of Geoff & Chrissie Snowden Geoff & Chrissie Snowden

Enter Worship was formed in 2018 to equip and inspire church worship teams to reach their full potential. After serving in many churches (large and small), and experience leading worship teams, our focus for 2020 is to share (lead) worship and word in churches. Chrissie has been writing in preparation to record and release new music for the church, while Geoff has been focusing on leadership development through his business People Motion.…

Photo of Diane Spicer Diane Spicer

I was born to create. I’ve created all kinds of art, photography, music, ministries, businesses, and anything else my hands were led to create to give God glory.

I’ve used my creativity to lead organisations, to mentor, speak to audiences, facilitate groups, and pioneer small group communities where people are inspired, encouraged, and challenged to tap into their own creativity.…

Photo of Alan Strudwick Alan Strudwick

His life has taken him through many teachings, philosophies and spiritual paths, including the New Age (of which he was groomed to be a Leader and Teacher). Alan’s subsequent disillusionment with each of these paths eventually led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior discovering Jesus as “The Way, The Truth and The Life” – John 14:6.…

Photo of Ken van Eeden Ken van Eeden Pastor

Ken and Ghale van Eeden are ordained minister’s with Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

Ken had ministered widely within Australia, New Zealand as well as in countries in South East Asia and Africa.
Ken and his Wife, Ghale have also planted churches within Australia and other countries.
Ken has also been the Principal of a bible college and lectured in Subjects such as Evangelism, Christian Ministry and Spiritual Gifts.…

Photo of Peter & Kathryn Yaxley Peter & Kathryn Yaxley

Peter and Kathryn run workshops that teach and practice listening to God. After traveling across Australia they are now residents of Poatina which a Christian community in Tasmania. They continue to run their workshops via Zoom during covid-19.

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See website for more details including testimonies and dates –

They also have resource booklets on spiritual protection and creative reflections.…

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