Child/Youth Release Form: Ensure Parental Comfort


Child/Youth Release Form: Ensure Parental Comfort


Child/Youth Release Form: Ensure Parental Comfort

Give your Child/Youth the Freedom to be Independent with Safety

Give your Child/Youth the freedom to be independent while giving parents the assurance of their safety. Get the Child/Youth Release Form for your program and ensure parents feel comforted.

• Specifies who is authorized to pick up the child/youth
• Contains a section for giving permission to walk home
• Helps parents feel secure and comforted
• Ensures child/youth safety and independence
• Easy to use and customize format – DocParents feel comforted when you have this Child/Youth Release form in place.  It specifies who is to pick up their child/ren and who is not to pick up their child/ren.  It also has a section for those parents who would like to give their child/youth permission to walk home after the program.

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