Church Virtual Services

Church Virtual Services

Are you needing Virtual services to help you?

Church Support Australia has a team of trained and experienced people, who understand Churches and their day-to-day tasks. We are there to take those tasks that you find yourself accidentally or regrettably doing. Our team can free up your staff or volunteers, so they can focus on what they are called to do.

Tasks that we can do for you

  • FINANCE Accounts receivable, Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Refunds,
  • BLOG – Posting, Formatting, Monitoring, Responding
  • NEWSLETTERS – Creation, Management, Template Creation
  • EMAIL – Answering, Monitoring, Sending, Campaigns, Subscriber Management,
  • AUDIO – Podcast Editing, Voice overs,
  • WEBSITE – Creation, Maintaining, Landing Pages, Organise Hosting & Domains, Web Content, WordPress Management,
  • CALENDAR – Management
  • IMAGES – Creation and Editing
  • COMMUNICATING – Phone Calling, Phone Diversion Service, SMS Broadcasting
  • RESEARCHING – Checking Sources, Collecting Information
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Post Creating, Post Scheduling, Content Writing, Cover/Banner Designing, Tag Images, Reports, Track Hashtag Mentions,
  • PINTEREST – Board Organisation, Management
  • HUMAN RESOURCES – Finding Employees or Advertising Positions.
  • YOUTUBE – Create Channel, Market Channel, Upload Videos, Create Covers, Monitor Audience.
  • GRAPHICS – Logo Design, Brochures, Posters, Book Covers,
  • CHURCH MANAGEMENT – Forms, SOP’s, Procedures, Policies, Templates, Management System, Communication Processes etc.
  • FORMS – Online, Offline, PDF etc
  • ADMIN – File Management, Business Management, Reputation Management,
  • MEETINGS – Organise,
  • FILE – Organise online files
  • DATA ENTRY – Perform and Set Up.
  • PRESENTATIONS – Powerpoint, Presentation, Announcements, Video and Stills,
  • BOARD – Prepare Meeting Minutes, Take Minutes via Online, Board Member, Advisory Board Member, Management Board Member,
  • SUPPORT – Suggestions, Resource Advice, Office Issues, Technical Issues, Test Software
  • EVENT – Online Ticket Creation and Management, Physical Server, Venue Sourcing, Speaker Sourcing,
  • DOCUMENTS – Creation, Editing,
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER SERVICES – Original Logos created from scratch, Flyers, Pamphlets, Postcards, Business Cards, Letterheads and more,

Filling the skilled gap!

Touch base with Karen now and she will get back to you soon.

Fill out the form below with tasks required and we will get the job done for you.

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