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Church Clothing

Designated shirts and promo jumpers are a few items that have great purpose in your Church and community.

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Gatherings [fts_pinterest type=single_board_pins pinterest_name=ChurchSupport board_id=Men’s Gatherings pins_count=20] https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/mens-gatherings/

Women’s Ministry

                  https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/womens-gathering-games/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/womens-gatherings-ideas/ DOOR PRIZES Ideas are:- Ladies are given tickets with numbers on. Draw a number out of a bowl and the lady with that ticket number wins. The Lady with the tallest high heel shoes or fanciest shoes. The oldest lady. The lady that has traveled the furthest for that event. Lady who has brought along the most first-time guests. ACTIVITIES Ideas are:- Craft time – make Christmas decorations, learn…
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Planning events and running events takes more than one person. Here’s some info to help.
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