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Church Social Media

Social Media for the Church Keeping up with the times is a way of keeping up with your congregation. I love social media and would do it for anyone, anytime! Apparently there are Social Media Pastors now! People love keeping up to date in what’s happening at their Church, they love seeing photos of their Church family and being invited to events. On the events, it’s a great tool for people to invite their friends that don’t regularly attend church,…

Church Voluntary Driver Information Form

At times you’re going to all pile into cars to go somewhere. No matter if it’s for the kids or for the elderly, all drivers must complete an information form, so that you know more about them and you also know whether it is wise to send people with them in the car. A draft form is available here:- Voluntary Drivers information Form Assisting you – with years of experience. Saving you time – by helping you tick off that…
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Planning events and running events takes more than one person. Here’s some info to help.
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