The Sifting: How the Pandemic is Shaping Our Faith

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The world has faced many challenges in the past few years due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Many aspects of our lives have been affected, including our faith and the way we approach it. As Christians, many have re-evaluated beliefs, practices, and how they live as a believer.

During this difficult time, God has been doing a sifting in the churches and amongst Christians. He is calling us to examine our hearts and to realign ourselves with His truth. We have seen pastors, Christian leaders and Christians openly admitting that their previous teachings and beliefs were wrong. This is a humbling realization, but we must grow and become more like Christ.

The pandemic has caused us to do a lot of rethinking. We have had more time to reflect on our faith and what it truly means to follow Christ. As a result, we have seen a shift in the way Christians approach their relationship with God. We are seeking a deeper understanding of His Word and a renewed desire to live out our faith.

Even famous Christian authors are admitting that their previous writings and teachings may have been inaccurate. They have acknowledged that the way they were taught and the beliefs they held onto for so long were not in line with the truth of God’s Word. This is a reminder that we must always be willing to check what we know, learn and grow in our faith. We should never become too comfortable or complacent in our understanding of God.

Many mature-aged pastors have also had eye-opening realizations. They may have been preaching and teaching things that were not biblical for many years. This is a challenging but important lesson for all of us. We must constantly examine our own beliefs and teachings, making sure they align with the Word of God. We must be willing to let go of any practices or customs that are not biblical, no matter how long we have held onto them.

In the book of Revelations, it is clear that not all churches will receive the same reward or have the same fate in the end times. The church in Laodicea, for example, is told that Jesus will spit them out of His mouth if they do not repent. This shows that not all churches are guaranteed a place in heaven. This should serve as a wake-up call for all churches. Churches shouldn’t do things out of tradition or habit, but out of relationship with God and fulfilling His purpose. Pastors need to be awake and aware, hearing the voice of God. Regular check-ups with the Father don’t hurt, to make sure the church is positioned and in line with God and His word. We can think that we have it right, when in fact we have it so wrong.

Since 2019, Pastors have left their positions, churches have changed denominations or gone out on their own, Christians have swapped churches, planted churches and hundreds of home churches have been birthed (even denominations starting their own home church ring). The cause of this is people wanting to position themselves or be in a Christ-like culture.

We must seek for ourselves and encourage others to be Christlike. This means constantly seeking His guidance and direction and being open to change and growth. As Christians, we are called to be like those in Berea, as written in Acts 17:11, who “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” (NASB). We must always be willing to test everything we hear or believe against the truth of God’s Word.

The sifting that is happening in the churches and amongst Christians is a necessary and beneficial process. It is a reminder that we must always be willing to learn, grow, and align ourselves with the truth of God’s Word. Check and re-check our sermons, writings and beliefs. Let us continue to seek His guidance and direction, and be open to the changes and growth He has in store for us.

Grow and change to be more Christlike:-

1. Study His Word

The Bible is our ultimate guide to understanding who Jesus was and how he lived his life. By regularly studying and meditating on God’s word, we can gain insight into Jesus’ teachings, his character, and the way he lived.

2. Practice Humility

Jesus was the perfect embodiment of humility. Despite being the King of Kings, he willingly took on the form of a humble servant and washed his disciples’ feet. He did not boast or seek recognition for his actions, but instead, he humbly served those around him. We can follow his example by practicing humility in our own lives. This means putting others before ourselves, admitting when we are wrong, and being quick to forgive.

3. Love Unconditionally

Jesus’ love was unconditional. He loved everyone, regardless of their race, social status, or past mistakes. He even showed love to his enemies. As we strive to become more like Christ, we must learn to love others unconditionally. This means loving our neighbours as ourselves, even when they are difficult to love. It also means forgiving others, just as Jesus forgave us.

4. Serve Others

Jesus was the ultimate servant leader. He spent his days healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and ministering to the broken-hearted. He showed us that true greatness comes from serving others. As Christians, we are called to follow in his footsteps and serve those around us. This could be through volunteering at a local charity, helping a neighbour in need, or simply lending a listening ear to someone who needs it.

5. Have Faith and Trust in God

Throughout his ministry, Jesus demonstrated unwavering faith and trust in God the Father. Even in the face of trials and suffering, he remained steadfast in his faith. As we strive to become more Christ-like, we must also cultivate a deep sense of faith and trust in God. This means surrendering our worries and fears to Him and trusting in His plan for our lives.

6. Be Compassionate

Jesus was known for his compassion. He was moved with compassion towards the crowds and often healed those who were sick or in need. He also showed compassion towards the outcasts and those who were marginalized by society. Similarly, we are called to show compassion towards others in our daily lives. This could be through acts of kindness and generosity, or simply taking the time to listen and empathize with others.

Since covid, many Christians are searching for churches that teach truth and live the truth, according to God’s word. Christians are turning to other churches, online churches or starting home churches to be fed the truth and to be taught what it is to be a Christ-like people.


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