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A Virtual Pastoral Assistant is someone who is gifted and experienced in a range of Church and ministry specific skills that assist Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Volunteers and Church Staff. As a Virtual Pastoral Assistant (VPA), Karen Stuckey works independently from anywhere, at anytime. Your personal VPA can assist you and your team with tasks such as managing website, social media, email/sms campaigns and more, all reachable at a click of a button, as if she was a member within your Churches four walls.

Hiring a Virtual Pastoral Assistant is much cheaper than what you think. VPA’s are paid by time spent on the work needed to be done and know ways to get tasks done quickly. No need to worry about tax, super or office supplies, since we are total insured independent contractors. This leaves your Church blessed in allowing the Pastor to spend money on reaching the commuity.

Typically a VPA will:-

  • Work from home
  • Have a range of specialist skills
  • Complete digital tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Offer rates that your Church sets based on what they can afford

What services are provided by a VIRTUAL PASTORAL ASSISTANT?

  • Set up Website – host, domain name purchase, security, SEO, etc.  Cost $175/year
  • Website creation – Choose theme/look that you like the best from here.  Complete information form here.
  • Email Management – Using Church/Ministry preferred platform
  • SMS Campaigns – Using Church/Ministry preferred platform
  • PowerPoint Presentations – Create slides/videos.
  • Data Entry – Pastoral records, contact information etc
  • Research – sermon topics, product purchasing, information etc
  • Event Planning – booking management,
  • Calendar Management
  • Social Media – Ghostwriting, posting, monitoring
  • Graphic Design
  • Create Legal Documents
    • Privacy Policy (needed)
    • Photo Policy
    • Social Media Policy
    • Working with Children Policy and Procedures
    • Facility Use Policy
    • Cookie Policy (website)
    • Code of Conduct
  • Electronic Newsletter Creation & Management
  • Phone Service
  • YouTube – upload video with cover image.
  • Assist with online fellowship groups – Facebook group posting etc

    AND MORE!!!

How about coming to my Church to work onsite?

Prior to covid and depending on covid restrictions, Karen would travel and do:-

  • Periodic visits to Church Offices for assistance or office management
  • Fill in while admin staff go on holidays
  • Creche provider for when staff/leaders are in training/meetings

Do you offer one-off jobs?

Yes! We are happy to do a one-off task or even tasks as needed. We have set up a form just for you! Complete this form here with the task you require and Karen will get in contact with you, from there.

I want a project or task done in strict confidence, without ANYONE knowing. Are you able to complete this?

Yes! Karen has completed tasks for many top Australian Church denomination Pastors, under the most strictest conditions. Let Karen know what you want via this form here or contact her direct via the contact information below.


  • Free up your valuable time
  • Save money
  • Improve your online presence
  • Address a skill gap in your Church

How much do you charge?

Payment is billed monthly on an hourly rate that is agreed by all parties, that the Church/Ministry can afford.

Meet Australia’s experienced VIRTUAL PASTORAL ASSISTANT

Church Support Australia
Virtual Pastoral Assistant 2


Contact Karen via this website, on social media, email or by phoning 0447775556.

Note:- STRICT confidentiality code is in place at all times. Information will NEVER be divulged to any third party. Anyone is welcome to share about the services and even place a review on the Church Support Australia Facebook page.


Church Support Australia

The load of administration can become overwhelming at times. Regardless of the size of your church, the imperative policy updates create an ongoing demand on time and energy.

We have found the perfect solution to lighten this load, while at the same time ensuring our Policies and Procedures Manual is up to date, well presented and easy to navigate.

Karen at Church Support Australia has been the solution we were searching for.

We could not be happier with the efficiency, clear and prompt communication, and presentation of this vitally important organic document for our Church.

Do yourself a favour, and contact Karen today!

~ Pastor Debbie Gadd (Tumbarumba Community Church, ACC Riverina, NSW)

Church Support Australia

I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Stuckey to anyone in need of a Virtual Assistant. Karen has been working as my Virtual Assistant since 29 Jan 2019. Karen’s responsibilities have included: ?-Social Media posting and monitoring across various platforms eg Twitter, Facebook, etc ?-Email monitoring and responding? -Data Collection eg updating spreadsheets With Karen’s assistance, our social media has grown. And her help has freed me to focus on writing and other ministry commitments. I have found Karen to be hard-working, reliable, and has a high level of integrity. She communicates to people on my behalf with courtesy, clarity and kindness. She represents me well. Karen has proved to be consistent over the long term. I can rely on her to faithfully complete her tasks in the background. She is also flexible, and willing to take on new tasks and projects as they arise. I encourage everyone who needs a Virtual Assistant to seek her out. She will add multiplied value to your church, business or organisation.

~ Helen Calder (Enliven Ministries)

Church Support Australia

“What can I say? There’s only so many hours in the day and if you want to get it all done, you need help. In this case, if you want to get it all done with someone very capable that you can trust, call Karen. Reliable, proficient and does it all with excellence. We HIGHLY recommend. Thank you Karen, you’re a lifesaver!”

~ Ps Lisa Woods (Wheatland District Church)

Church Support Australia

“Karen Stuckey was recommended to me for online PA work, and I have been delighted with her willingness to assist and think outside the box, and also with her skill levels.   If you would like a website that is created especially to your desires, and is also beautiful to look at, then I highly recommend Karen Stuckey of    My new site fulfills a long-term dream to be able to carry my resources on my own site.   She is highly creative and can think outside the box, and I am delighted with the site she created for me She truly does this as a ministry to the lord and to the Body of Christ, a truly servant-hearted lady.   She has a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude and I strongly encourage you to seek her help with your IT needs, she will not disappoint.”

~ Ps Sheena Ryan (Sheena Ryan Ministries)

Church Support Australia

“Karen, we are truly blessed by the heart and passion in everything you do. Love your quality work and the way you are using your talents and gifts to serve the Church.”

~ Angelica Briceno (Life.Church Online USA)