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Why? Because we’ve been there too.

It was such a high day seeing my friend so excited as we visited the house her and her husband were
about to move into. Sure, it needed some work but a little acreage on the outskirts of a small town was
the perfect place for them to let their young boys run free and ride their quad bikes.

It was time to say goodbye, so I jumped in my car ready to head off. In a split-second decision, I chose to
make a wide berth off the gravel driveway opposed to the more complicated and time consuming 3 point

As soon as I crossed over the gravel and turned the wheel for the turn, the car slowed up and came to a
stop. I revved the engine, the tyres spun, but the more I tried to moved forward, the deeper the car sank. I
couldn’t move forward, and I couldn’t go back, it was hopeless, I was stuck. Bogged with filthy mud slung
all over my white car. Little did I know, it had rained hard the day before and while the ground looked
normal and safe, it was not safe to drive on.

Thankfully, I was able to call my brother-in-law who lived nearby for help. He was well equipped with a ute
to pull me out, and help get me back on track.

Isn’t this situation a parallel for life? Getting off track, away from God or and finding ourselves stuck in a
certain area of life. Maybe it’s a curve-ball from left field that we never saw coming like death of a loved
one, health issues or abuse. Sometimes we get stuck in grief, pain, depressession or fear and anxiety.
Low self perception and confidence. At other times, it’s destructive behaviours like bitterness, addiction,
unhealthy relationships. And we all need help to get unstuck at some point.

The truth is that everybody has a story and your story matters. We want to help you emerge stronger, like
God and others helped us.

Brave Enough is a registered Australian Charity. We use real and raw stories, to empower you to be
brave enough to face your challenges and emerge stronger, to get unstuck, flip the script in your story and
live your passionate purpose. Activating you to find your God-given purpose, help the next person up and
impact the world for good.

How we do life with you, your church and your community:
We equip and activate you, your church and your community with the tools and support you need to
emerge stronger. We have services such as Brave Enough Careline, Mentor Coaching and Online Prayer

Brave Enough Careline is a national phone service available free of charge across Australia. It is
available for anyone needing a caring conversation, prayer or referral to a Christian Counsellor.
FREE CALL:1800 272 838.

Brave Enough Mentor Coaching helps anyone who is exploring or walking out their God-given calling.
? You have a compelling calling that God has something bigger for you to do or be?
? You feel that your story can be used to help others on their journey
? God has put a big dream or vision on your heart that seems overwhelming or impossible?
? You feel stuck. Held back, unqualified or disqualified in certain areas of your life?
? Time, money, skills, resources or knowing how to start or moving forward are some of the fears
that are holding you back?

We also love engaging in live speaking events and outreach activities across the globe…talking
openly about real stuff.
From live events such as conferences, churches and schools, corporate events
and retreats we’re happy to serve. We share open and relevant messages on various life issues –
featuring real stories, encouraging audiences to be brave enough to face their challenges and emerge

We also produce and share digital outreach media, including our inspiring Brave to Go Devotionals for
television and radio broadcast, as seen globally on ACCTV and heard on various radio stations across
Australia. And our Brave Conversations Podcasts on all major podcasting platforms globally.

In addition, we are constantly developing practical tools and biblically-based resources such as
books, online courses, group and personal study just for you.

We often partner with other organisations, churches and local communities, but most of all we want
to partner with you!, to see you unstuck and thriving.

For more information please visit our website braveenough.org or email us at connect@braveenough.org

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