Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

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Women are important and they need to feel valued. Encourage them and give them a chance to take time out. Help them to take time to reflect and spend time for themselves.


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Surprise the women with creative, out of the box, bright and colourful, yummy drinks and snacks.
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Planning women’s activities and electives are a lot different these days. As women have been brought up living with grand parents, in single parent homes, like just living with their dad, they may not have the same interests as a women who’s grown up with a mother in the home. You may come across more women who love to do fishing or into motor sports, football etc and not so interested in the girly things.


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These look great and you can get them in healthier versions. Remember to cater for those with dietary needs and make their items look just as good.


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Some women struggle with organisation. Something that seems common sense to someone, may not have been thought of by someone else. Help women with some great tools and keys, so they can be more efficient and less stressed in life. This is doing life together.


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Women’s Ministry and gatherings, create friendships, build relationships and cause fellowship.


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Women love gifts! Bless them with good quality items that are practical.


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Be creative in the little things.


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Coffee, notebook, music and comfort clothes is a common thread among women.


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The heart means different things to different women. You will come across many differences when leading women. Always try to find a common ground and interest.


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Women love to worship. Praise, Worship and our prayers are the only things God receives out of the service. Give Him the time and give Him it all.



Women's Event Ideas


Ideas are:-

  • Ladies are given tickets with numbers on. Draw a number out of a bowl and the lady with that ticket number wins.
  • The Lady with the tallest high heel shoes or fanciest shoes.
  • The oldest lady.
  • The lady that has traveled the furthest for that event.
  • Lady who has brought along the most first-time guests.


Ideas are:-

  • Craft time – make Christmas decorations, learn how to knit etc.
  • Movie Night
  • Fashion parade- with local boutique (could use this for a fundraiser as well).
  • Cooking demonstration night from a particular culture.
  • Ladies weekend away.
  • Card making.
  • Global dinner – women who are from different cultures cook a dish from their country.
  • Garden afternoon tea party.
  • Christmas Dinner.
  • Scrapbooking night.
  • Scavenger hunt.
  • Swimming party.
  • Supermarket challenge – list of items to find, plan a meal for under $50 with at least 5 ingredients.
  • Demonstration of Pilates.
  • Shopping trip.
  • Clothes swap event – bring along clothes you no longer want and have them all hanging or on tables and ladies can fill their bags with anything they find.
  • Basic motor mechanics.
  • Learning to budget.
  • Day Retreat.
  • Hike.
  • Basic cake decorating.
  • Fashion – body shapes, colour matching etc.
  • Freezer cooking.
  • Make homemade soap.
  • Basic self-defence.
  • Handy hints night – everyone brings and demonstrates their handy hints. Can collate and make into a booklet.
  • Make a recipe book.
  • Spa or Pampering night.
  • Golf day.
  • Handbag list – who has the most items on the list http://www.bridal-shower-games.com/wp-content/uploads/whats-in-your-purse-bride.pdf
  • Painting workshop.
  • Basic first aid.


Assisting you – with years of experience.

Saving you time – by helping you tick off that to do list.

Church administration office templates and forms covering Christian youth groups, kids ministry, adult ministry, baptisms, baby dedications, camps, creche, attendance forms, tithing forms, etc. can be downloaded directly from this website instantly 

Templates can be edited and printed, even by professional printers.   They are a guide only and can be passed by your insurance agency to see they are applicable for your setting.

If you want something totally different or are after a document that’s not online, contact me and we’ll whip one up in no time or I will resource one for you.

Fees are very cheap, as my importance is on the Church using their money to reach their community,rather than spend it all on staffing and resources.



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