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Youth Group Ideas

-Movie Night
-Progressive dinner (entrée at one house, soup at next house, main at next house and dessert at another house)
-Movie & Maccas
-Farmer in the shed…..have a games night in someones shed.
-Music Madness night – video clips, music quiz, musical chairs etc
-Choose your own adventure (split up into cars or if nice walk in groups and send them on an adventure around town with a choice at the end of each card that you leave at each point of where to go next)
-Top Traddies…dress up as a tradesman and do games related to tradesmen and message could be about being a traddie for God
-Duct Tape….night of duct tape games
-Bad shirt night…..wear the worst shirt ever – but needs to be appropriate. Fashion parade etc.
-Battle of the sexes
-Sick and Twisted night with sick and twisted challenges
-Movie trivia night or Trivia night with different categories and come dressed up in that theme
-Glow in the dark night – whole night spent in the dark with glow stick games or other glow games
-May the 4th be with you – if you have event on the 4th
-Crazy hair night
-Mini Olympics
-Summer slam, Winter whoppers
-Twinning night – people dress as twins and do games such as three legged race etc
-Feeling Green – Everyone wear green
-Amazing Race
-My Kitchen Rules
-Ultimate Games
-Apps in real life (real life skills in many areas could be focused on)
-Chalk wars – can’t remember how to play this yet, but think it was chalk games in carpark
-Minion dominion – games and whole night around minions
-Console Gamers & Pizza Night
-Youth Formal
-Lock in Movie night
-Mex Fest (Mexican night)
-Tribal Wars
– (BBC) Breaky Before Church (Doing it on the morning that Daylight Savings finishes works well)
-H2O party

Youth Group Room ideas

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